Joining for Profit


The Musical Moment Series of 5 Themes is available to retailers. Gift shops. Religious and Secular Bookstores and Greeting Card Shops will find this series of particular interest. This elegantly packaged series of CD's and Audio Cassettes are attractively shown in a convenient, compact, sturdy, countertop pop-up display.

Each display containing 15 CD Gift Paks (3 X 5 Themes) and 10 Cassette Gift Paks (2 X 5 Themes) is shipped out immediately upon receipt of prepayment via credit card through our E-Commerce Website. This means you can buy just 1 display at a time or take advantage of our quantity discounts.

Purchase 5 displays and receive an overall discount of $ 25.00
Purchase 10 displays and receive an overall discount of $ 75.00
Purchase 15 displays and receive an overall discount of $ 150.00

Interested retailers should fax a purchase inquiry on company letterhead to:

Triangle Square Management Inc.
2938 Dundas St. West, Box 70567
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6P 1Y8

FAX - (415) 766-3489
Toll Free: 1-866-340-7000

Shipping Box unfolds to become an attractive Vendors Display and Presentation Case

Each case contains 15 Gift Paks:
  • 3 x 5 of the CD Theme Paks
  • 2 x 5 of the Cassette Theme Paks